PAS-X Data Access: Meaningful data from your PAS-X MES

Existing manufacturing data should be optimally used in pharmaceutical and biotech factories as a matter of course. Unfortunately, data scientists spend most of their time collecting and processing data instead of doing things that actually add value.

Now with PAS-X Data Access customers get curated data directly from their PAS-X MES. To derive meaningful business data from an operational system like PAS-X can be a complex and time-consuming job that requires expert technical knowledge. PAS-X Data Access easily enables data scientists, process experts as well as line and site managers to access data from the shop floor that PAS-X has either generated itself or collected from other sources.

Generate business value and benefit from the improved process visibility that is required for decision-making and operational efficiency!

What data scientists spend the most time doing

Today, data scientists spend up to 80% of their working time on the unproductive collection, processing, and organization of data. PAS-X Data Access supplies curated manufacturing data and makes processes transparent. Users don't need to have any in-depth knowledge about how PAS-X MES works. Moreover, the data doesn't have to be laboriously collected. Your data scientists can now focus on generating business value from the data.

PAS-X Data Access reduces the burden of data cleaning and collection that typically amounts to 80% of data analytics efforts.


Case report: global healthcare company to optimize biotech processes

One of our customers, a global healthcare provider, has successfully taken PAS-X Data Access live. The multinational corporation was looking for a standard solution to curate data from its biopharmaceutical processes and answer various questions based on manufacturing data from its PAS-X MES. In order to be able to compare different biotech plants, the solution should be available at several locations. Read more:

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Broad spectrum of applications

Customers can channel the data provided by PAS-X Data Access into their own data lakes or use it for their own applications. The spectrum of applications ranges from ad hoc reporting and cross-batch trends (e.g. process values) to complex continuous process verification or multivariate analysis applications.

PAS-X Data Access can also be used as a central system to connect PAS-X installations across multiple, globally distributed sites. In this way, it creates the basis for the standardization and evaluation of data across numerous locations.

Your benefits

Curated and meaningful PAS-X data

Easy data access

Focus on value added

Version agnostic


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