Partnering to build best-in-class MES solutions

PAS-X User Forum (PFU)

Companies using PAS-X have joined forces with Werum to help develop best-in-class MES technology, functionality and services. We regard the PAS-X User Forum as a competent business partner providing practical ideas for further advancing the PAS-X MES. Companies actively contributing to the PAS-X User Forum gain a competitive advantage through the exchange of profound technical knowledge.


The PAS-X User Forum formulates and prioritizes new requests and suggestions for further boosting the PAS-X functionality (functional improvements) and strengthening Werum’s services and procedures (process improvements). The PAS-X User Forum attaches great importance to a close cooperation with other PAS-X clients and Werum and focuses on sharing experience and best practice aspects.

How to become a PFU member

We invite all active PAS-X user companies to join the PAS-X User Forum.
For further information please contact the PFU chairman:

Register for PFU Member Access

To register for a PFU member online access please simply send an email with your company, name, postal address, email address and phone number to