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Manufacturing IT solutions for pharma & biotech

"We help pharma and biotech manufacturers to improve their production performance and compliance.”

Jan-Henrik Dieckert, Director Global Sales & Marketing, Werum IT Solutions


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The challenges for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers increase with fewer blockbuster drugs, emerging markets, shorter time-to-market and increased regulatory complexity. Global players are looking to harmonize and optimize their IT systems, while mid-sized companies are focusing on standardized MES products.

Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions cover all these needs. The core of our offering is the PAS-X manufacturing execution system (MES) that combines software, content and services out of the box tailored for commercial manufacturing processes in pharma and biotech. Specific IT solutions are available for manufacturing operations such as process development, packaging and KPI/OEE. You can gradually extend these solutions until you benefit from a full-scope PAS-X MES.

We stand by our customers' site and, step by step, guide them through their MES project. From the very beginning we ask just the right questions to provide the right solution – based on our standard software product and our service and content packages, in a fast and targeted manner. We can rely on our unique implementation method, a guarantee for the success of your project!

Full coverage of pharma & biotech production

PAS-X supports all major pharmaceutical industry segments, e.g. for vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, solids, liquids and other manufacturing operations.

PAS-X covers the product lifecycle in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing from process development to commercial production and packaging.

High performance, quality and compliance

Our manufacturing IT solutions help boosting your production performance and quality - paving the way to operational excellence and leaner manufacturing.

Functionally complete MES solution for pharma- and biomanufacturing

To enable you to assert yourself on the highly competitive pharmaceutical market and to focus on your core business, we provide a complete MES solution ready for deployment.

MES solution

Empowering Pharma 4.0

Systems, equipment, and personnel have become increasingly interconnected in the digital economy, offering new opportunities for the pharma and biotech industries. Together with our fellow Medipak Systems companies and other partners, Werum IT Solutions is working on innovative solutions to make Industrie 4.0 a reality in pharma.

Plug & Produce with PAS-X

Our Plug & Produce solution allows a fast and easy integration of machines and automation systems into a pharmaceutical production environment – a prerequisite for the implementation of many Industrie 4.0 solutions.

Biometric Authentication

With K.ME-IN, Werum offers a smart biometric authentication solution for its market-leading PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System. Users can thus securely and seamlessly authenticate to systems, devices and machines via biometric means such as fingerprint, iris scan, face recognition or a combination of those.

Biometric Authentication

Cell & Gene therapy with PAS-X MES

Werum’s PAS-X MES targets the key challenges for cell therapy manufacturers, managing complex processes and controlling the chain of identity.

Shop floor performance booster

PAS-X KPI is a lean, standalone software product that provides live monitoring of manufacturing and packaging lines, improving shop floor performance at pharmaceutical and biotech facilities.

Reliable and easy-to-operate weighing processes

PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing guides operators through the weighing process and provides the necessary support for compliance with safety regulations and recipes.

Simplified creation and management of MBRs

Your manufacturing processes are described with complex or a huge number of master batch records? PAS-X Master Batch Records drastically simplifies your MBR creation.

Integrated IT solution for packaging

PAS-X Packaging – an integrated solution of EBR, KPI and Track & Trace functions – supports packaging operations of pharma and biotech companies.

Compliance with anti-counterfeiting requirements

PAS-X Track & Trace Serialization Aggregation provides serialization and aggregation functionality for your packaging processes to cover anti-counterfeiting requirements.

Unlock the potential of your shop floor data

PAS-X Evaluations helps you to unlock the full potential of your shop floor data. Use your data to continuously improve manufacturing processes and to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Manufacturing IQ: Operational intelligence at your finger tips

Werum’s Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence products enable easy and quick data gathering and better decision-making to uncover hidden business value in pharma and biotech facilities.

PAS-X Data Access

With PAS-X Data Access customers get curated data directly from their PAS-X MES that can be consumed and visualized without detailed PAS-X knowledge. Generate business value and benefit from the improved process visibility that is required for decision-making and operational efficiency!

PAS-X Savvy: Bioprocess Data Science

Manage, analyze and report your bioprocess development, validation and operational GMP data holistically with PAS-X Savvy (previously inCyght) – the leading real-time bioprocess data science software. With our solution, you accelerate the development of your biopharmaceutical pipeline, improve the speed and regulatory success of new product commercialization and optimize your productivity.

Efficient management of regulatory information with RImanager

Centralized Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution enabling you to efficiently manage your master data and to plan and track related regulatory data, activities, processes, submissions and commitments.

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