PAS-X Savvy (previously inCyght)

Bioprocess data management and analytics for accelerated product commercialization

Are you developing new biopharmaceutical products and need to quickly transition from development to clinical trial and commercial production? Do you need to define a robust scale-up and control strategy of your bioprocess to ensure safe technology transfer, fast process validation and a quick time to market?

With PAS-X Savvy (previously inCyght®) – our bioprocess data science solution – you accelerate the development of your biopharmaceutical pipeline, improve the speed and regulatory success of new product commercialization and optimize your productivity. 

PAS-X Savvy combines data management, data visualization, holistic data analysis from different data sources and automated result reporting in one intuitive software environment. It helps you to integrate all unit operations into a process chain and link data from the complete product life cycle. Get the process intelligence and visibility you need to run your biotech processes successfully and in real time!

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What our customers say

  • Scale-up and scale-down of biopharmaceutical processes

    Scale-dependent challenges were overcome for successful scale-up of a biopharmaceutical manufacturing process and qualification of scale-down models. This was achieved using similarity analysis for the qualification of bioprocess scale-down models, root cause analysis workflows and improvement of scale-up based on industrial best practice.

    Dr. Sandra Abad, Head of Unit Upstream Development II, Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Activating the design space for cGMP manufacturing

    Using inCyght data analytics software, our users create integrated process models and soft sensors. Models can be implemented as soft-sensor function blocks in Siemens DCS for manufacturing under cGMP and Part 11 compliance.

    Dr.-Ing. Bernd-Markus Pfeiffer, Key Expert Advanced Process Control, Siemens

  • Biosimilar clone screening and comparisons

    We support many customer projects involving biosimilar clone screening as well as comparability studies. Our clients need to select the right clones with minimal analytical effort and highly consistent data. With inCyght, we now have a tool at hand to explore which clones or process conditions perform most similarly to the originator product.

    Rainer Fedra, Head Analytical Development, VelaLabs

  • inCyght software as collaborative data analytics platform

    We use inCyght Software  for data management, data analytics and as collaborative platform in the multi-partner EU project CrossCat.

    Ass. Prof. Oliver Spadiut, Vienna University of Technology

  • Digitalization and Data Analytics to Accelerate Bioprocess Development

    We found an excellent realization partner in the inCyght team. The project team is very focused on our business needs and all interfaces are running smoothly and reliably. The collaboration is excellent.


  • Exputec inCyght® bioprocess software at biotech R&D site at Evonik

    - Successful roll-out of inCyght at R&D unit of Evonik’s Business Line Animal Nutrition in Künsebeck.
    - Operators, scientists, engineers use inCyght for bioprocess development and optimization.
    - Manifold bioprocess equipment sucessfully integrated for data analytics using inCyght.
    - Seamless integration in existing IT infrastructure.


  • Statistical Services for Process Characterization Studies at JHL Biotech

    We greatly value the services that you provided us. The timeliness in response and professional interaction have been great! You have established your credibility through your actions!

    Mahalia Corrales, Director of Late Stage Process Development at JHL Biotech

  • Statistical Services for Process Development

    High quality data science services with deep bioprocess understanding! We appreciate the timeliness and flexibility of the statistical consultants. This enables us to efficiently develop and validate bioprocesses, ranging from new biological entities to biosimilars, with minimal experimental effort.

    Theodoros Zografou, PhD, Projectmanager, Celonic AG

Your benefits

  • Understand your data workflow and handling routine in order to identify gaps or redundant data storing activities
  • Automated data import and unique insight in all your data from LIMS, ELN, MES, historians, data lakes, SCADA and analytical devices
  • Unique combination of data science tools - from multivariate statistics and mechanistic approaches to artificial intelligence driven by exclusive domain knowledge of bioprocessing
  • Root cause analysis of process variations
  • Increased efficiency of process development
  • User-friendly and integrated data visualization and process analysis across unit operations
  • Holistic data management from development to manufacturing in one intuitive tool
  • Streamlined implementation of process characterization, process validation and technology transfer

Are you wondering how you can benefit from our bioprocess data science solution PAS-X Savvy (previously inCyght)?

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