Benefit from scalable and supplementary services

Werum Service Partners

PAS-X Endorsed Service Partners

All over the world, Werum customers benefit from best-in-class implementation services. Our international network of certified "PAS-X Endorsed Service Partners" provides additional flexibility for pharma and biotech manufacturers in terms of services for the implementation phase of their MES project. These are typical, easily scalable implementation services such as master data parameterization, MBR development, validation and on-site go-live support.

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Torsten Isenberg

电话: +49 4131 8900-111


Close collaboration

With our certified partners, we always work closely hand in hand. For this reason, you are receiving services of a much higher standard and quality than from third-party providers. Werum assumes overall responsibility and project management. Our experienced MES and pharma experts take on all tasks during every implementation phase: from Ready to Fit and Build to Run.

Task sharing

Werum: conceptual services (selection):

  • Project management
  • Fit verification
  • Usage of standards and process harmonization 
  • MBR development (design, creation, verification)
  • MBR design (process, material flow, equipment usage)
  • MBR optimization (lean MBR)
  • "Design as a Service” based on best practices of the pharma industry
  • Content packages and additional consulting
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Migration concepts
  • Trainings by Werum Academy

Service partners: Implementation services (selection):

  • Master data parameterization
  • MBR development (creation, verification)
  • Validation
  • Go-live support, hyper care and troubleshooting

Certified PAS-X competence

PAS-X Endorsed Service Partners meet all requirements of Werum's PAS-X service partner program. The main objective of our program is to offer the same quality and competence of services to Werum customers all over the world – through reliable, experienced and certified partners and their co-workers.

Our service partners need to have comprehensive PAS-X knowledge, participate at PAS-X trainings on a regular basis, possess experience in the regulated industry and have a quality management system in place.

Successfully certified partners are allowed to use the "PAS-X Certified Service Partner" logo. The certification has to be renewed on a regular basis to ensure that service partners and their co-workers constantly remain up-to-date.