Manufacturing IT Solutions for Pharma & Biotech

Werum is the internationally leading provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. We offer Manufacturing IT solutions for improving the efficiency of all manufacturing-related processes. Werum delivers a complete out-of-the-box MES package including the PAS-X software product, pre-configured content and a comprehensive set of services.

In order to jump-start the implementation of PAS-X we offer predefined content templates and libraries specifically designed for pharma and biotech production processes. Consulting services support the customer in all implementation phases and throughout the entire lifecycle of its PAS-X MES Solution.

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Werum IT Solutions at Achema 2015

Visit our booth at Achema, the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry, on June 15-19, 2015, in Frankfurt, Germany.


Case Study: World market leader in diabetes care relies on Werum’s PAS-X at eight sites around the globe

MES systems will become increasingly important as pharmaceutical companies look for global standardized and integrated IT solutions. A large pharmaceutical company based in Scandinavia had to replace manual business processes as well as its outdated MES/ERP system.


Leading mid-sized Pharma and Biotech Companies benefit from PAS-X out of the box

Werum’s PAS-X MES provides optimal support to medium-sized pharma and biotech companies: We deliver a complete out-of-the-box MES package including the standard software product, pre-configured content and comprehensive services. Customization can almost entirely be omitted resulting in implementation times of less than 12 months.


PAS-X Packaging Solution

Werum supports pharma and biotech companies with its modular PAS-X Packaging Solution – a combination of PAS-X software functions including EBR, OEE and Track & Trace, PAS-X Content Packages and PAS-X Services relevant for packaging operations. It is a smart option to get started with Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions.


PAS-X Content: speeding up of MES project timelines

Werum offers PAS-X Content Packages for its customers out of the box. They enable best practice based configuration of the PAS-X software product and ensure an easy and fast setup of the system.


PAS-X Newsletter

Learn more about the PAS-X usability improvements of the upcoming V3.1.7 version and about the benefits of the PAS-X Packaging Solution and the PAS-X KPI Solution. The Newsletter also provides an update on our latest customer projects and their benefits.


Jobs: In the Company of Experts

Werum's international network of experts provides global companies with state-of-the-art software products and solutions. We offer you the security of a well-established, global company and the ability to work in a challenging, multi-faceted position that allows you to chart your own course.



Werum and Systec & Solutions offer a new integrated MES/HMI solution for enhanced usability on the shop floor


Senior Management Change at Werum IT Solutions America


Leading Arabian pharma company SPIMACO opts for PAS-X – the market-leading pharma MES by Werum


Werum IT Solutions expands Management Board


Redefining MES Usability: New Version of Werum’s PAS-X available


International generics manufacturer Actavis upgrades to Werum's latest PAS-X Version V3.1.6



15 – 19 June 2015

Achema, Hallo 3.1/J72

Frankfurt, Germany

24 – 25 September 2015

PAS-X User Group Meeting

Lüneburg, Germany

28 – 29 September 2015

MES & Process Minds

Berlin, Germany